“Sliding Knot” Necklace

Another popular necklace is the “Slide Knot” Necklace

Slide Knot Necklace

The idea is to make a knot, on each side of the necklace, in a way that it will allow the cord to slide through the knots so you can adjust the length of the necklace.

Here is how to do it:

Cut one piece of string about one yard long

Hold the cord in a circle with the ends overlapping, leaving enough length on each end of about 8 inches.

Hold the circle  at the middle of the overlapping part and with the end part facing to the right make two or  three loops around the part it overlaps, from right to left.

Next insert the end of the cord through the loops from left to right and pull holding the other side until you have a knot like in the picture.

Slide Knot Necklace

Turn your necklace around to do the other side. Trim the ends and your adjustable knot   necklace is ready.It should look something like the knot bellow.

Some people put a drop of clear glue on the knot to prevent it from becoming loose. If you do that make sure the glue stays on the loop and it doesn’t go on the sliding cord.


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