Oval Leather Cord Bracelets


All parts are available from www.leathercordonline.com

Do-it-yourself jewelry making with Oval 10X6 mm Greek leather cord!
It is easy to make this very popular bracelet using this 10×6 mm leather cord and findings that we import from Greece.

The only tools that you need are a cutter to cut the cord to your desired size, and super glue. Select your favorite color of leather cord, clasp, and beads, and in minutes you will have a beautiful bracelet for yourself, or to give as a gift. Here is how to do it:

1. Fit one end of the oval cord into the clasp. If it is too tight, trim a little bit off the end, or twist until it fits completely.
2. Remove the cord and apply one drop of glue inside the clasp. Insert the cord in the clasp again and push it all the way in. Let it dry for one or two minutes.

3. Measure the oval cord on your wrist, and cut to desired size.
4. Insert the findings or beads, inspect to make sure that every component is set the right way, and glue the other end of the cord into the other clasp. (Ensure the ends of the clasp are facing the right way so that they will snap together.)
5. If the findings or beads are loose, you may want to apply some glue underneath them to secure them in place.

For a 7.5″ Bracelet you are going to need:

7 inches Oval 10X6 mm  Greek Leather- Clasp- Will add about half inch. $4.06

One  Magnetic Clasp – Antique Silver or Antique Brass or Antique copper $6.50
Decorative Slide or Beads about $2.00to $4.00
Super-Glue (We like loctite” available in Supermarkets)

That’s it! Enjoy!

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