Now, on to a sticky subject–how to attach a 2mm leather cord into the end cap.  You will need Super Glue.  I suggest Loctite.  It can be found in almost any superstore and probably any hardware store.  There are two types.  The regular and the Precision Max.  The Precision Max take longer to dry, about 15 seconds.  I suggest it because it you goof up, you have a chance to pull the cord out and try again.

Step One:  Before any gluing, you must make sure that the end of the cord will fit easily into the cap.  If it doesn’t, you must rub the end of the cord hard enough to make it a little skinnier.  Once it will slip in easily, you are ready to glue.

Step Two:  You will need an old cleaning rag for your lap or table and nail polish remover. The nail polish remover must be Acetone.  The non-acetone remover will not work.

Step Three:  When using 3mm, and bigger, caps we tell you to put one drop of glue into the cap. Unfortunately, if you try to do this into the 2mm cap, you will get glue all over the cap as well as your fingers.  So we do an alternate method:

1.  Squeeze a tiny bit of glue directly to the end of the cord.

2.  Slip it into the cap and immediately swipe the capped end on the cleaning towel,
to remove any excess that might have slipped out.  If glue has stuck to the outside
of the cap and/or to your fingers, wet a piece of the cleaning rag with the acetone
and clean off your fingers and the outside of the metal cap.  Don’t get the acetone
on the leather.  It will take the color off the leather.  (However, if you do take the
color off, just dab it with a black permanent marker.  The best is Bic’s Tuxedo

3.  If everything looks good–the cord is in the cap–lay it aside and start the next one.
DO NOT pull on it to test it.

4.  If it didn’t slip into the cap, pull it out immediately and clean off the end of the end
and try again.  STARTING AT STEP ONE.  If the end won’t fit back into the cap,
you may have to cut off that tiny part of the end that has the glue on it.

Step Five:  When they are all done, you must test them, starting with the first ones that you finished.  Hold the cap firmly in your fingers and pull on the cord.  If it does not pull out, you have made it!  If the cord pulls out you go back to Step One and may have to snip off the very end.

Step Six:  If all else fails, don’t call 911.  Call me at (937) 629-0301
Don’t Panic.   By your third cord you will probably completely proficient.

Gina Papadakis

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4 Responses to “How to attach leather cord into the end caps”

  1. Lauren says:


    How do you find the measurement for a fitting end cap? I am using 6 strands of 2mm leather… What size end cap would be best to use?

    Thank you,

    • John says:

      Hi Lauren
      Leather cord is a live material and expends and shrinks. Further more because the size is never accurate there is no rule on how to calculate what cap to use for a number of cords put together.
      To find the answer, I put six 2mm cords together and tried them in a couple of different sized caps. I found out out that the 5mm cap was too small, 7mm was too loose. Unfortunately I don’t currently have any 6mm caps to try but I assume 6mm is the correct cap for my six 2mm cords.
      If someone knows of a better way on how to calculate what size of cap to use for a specific number of cords please let us know.

  2. Joe says:

    When putting mult-strands into an end cap do you just glue them all together into the cap or do you crimp them together somehow?

    • John says:

      If they are just a a couple of them that I can hold together with one hand without spreading them apart, I aply one drop of super glue in the cap and slide them in, turning them so the glue will go everywhere. If they are many, then I use a small rubber band to hold them together and proceed like above with the glue. Make sure that you do not apply more than one drop of super glue, because it may overflow and it doesn’t look nice. By the way, you do not crimp the end caps.

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