Barbed wire leather cord | Make Jewelry for Fun and Profit Leather cord braided to look like Barbed wire. It is used in making jewelry, decoration and other leather crafts.

Make Jewelry for Fun and Profit

How to make and sell fun jewelry using leather cord and beads

Barbed Wire Bracelets

Barbed wire leather cord is made of two twisted strands of usually 1.5 mm round leather cord with barbs about 2.5″ apart. It looks like real barbed wire but unlike it, leather cord barbed wire is soft and it doesn’t heart  or scratch.. On the contrary it feels good next to the skin and it is used in jewelry making like,  bracelets,  necklaces decoration etc.

This is our new line of barbed wire leather cord Necklaces and Bracelets! Look scary? Actually the leather cord is soft and comfortable to wear!  To order visit our  website

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