Leather cord is available in several shapes, such as round, flat ribbon, braided etc. and   in many colors and in thicknesses ranging from 1 mm up to 6 mm in diameter. When selecting a thickness, keep in mind that because of it’s nature, leather cord can expand or shrink. Therefore the diameter may be slightly off. Leather cord in spools

Good quality leather cord feels smooth and consistent when you run it through your fingers, without bumps, specks of dust, cuts, or other imperfections.Some people like very soft leather cord which usually comes from the belly part of the hide. I like to work with a little harder quality because it is easier to work with, holds its shape, and lasts longer.

2 mm Greek leather cord

Greek leather cord

Two sources of leather cord seem to dominate the market- One comes from Greece the other from India. Greek leather cord is known for its quality. The Greeks are started producing it first and therefore have more experience. Because of its superior quality, Greek leather cord is very expensive. However, Indian leather cord is catching up in quality, and some established producers, such as the one that has supplied my business with leather cord for several years now, offer excellent products at a very competitive price. Nevertheless, some customers are willing to pay the higher price for Greek leather cord. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

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